Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade: Dedicated to Fire, Search & Rescue and Medical Support

The Brigade is dedicated to fire, search and rescue and emergency medical situations. It is operated by volunteers and managed under the governance of a Board of Directors who are made up of residents from the Lake Vermilion and Cook area.

It is supported by personnel from the Cook Volunteer Fire Department, Cook Area Ambulance Service, Beatty Township, U.S. Forest Service, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department, Lake Vermilion Resort Association, and Lake Vermilion Sportsman’s Club. Individuals from these agencies and organizations serve as advisors.

Day-Use Sites on Lake Vermilion

The Vermilion Lake Association, US Forest Service, and the Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade joined forces to improve day-use sites on US Forest Service land.  The three agencies have been working together for years to keep these heavily used sites safe and in good condition.    

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ARMER Radio Training for LVFB Volunteers

ARMER, or Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response, is the primary, state-wide communication system for public safety agencies in Minnesota. Over 91,000 ARMER radios are registered in the state! LVFB volunteers met this week for continuing training with the system.

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LVFB Trains with Multiple Local Agencies

The Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade was on hand to assist local fire and rescue agencies in retrieving a snowmobile that had broken through the ice in Oak Narrows in February. Our volunteers practiced using the underwater camera, working with a diver, and maintaining a position in a strong wind.

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