Laurie Potter

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Safety Committee Chairperson
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Mrs. Potter is currently serving as Safety & Industrial Hygiene Manager, and has served as Senior Staff Supervisor for Fire and Security, Senior Staff Supervisor for Environmental Control and Industrial Hygiene for US Steel Minnesota Ore Operations. Laurie also was a Chemical Consultant and Industrial Hygienist for US Steel Minnesota Ore Operations. She worked as an Industrial Hygiene Instructor and Consultant for Hibbing Technical College, an Industrial Hygienist and Environmental Control Specialist for Medtronic Inc., a private consultant in Environmental Hygiene and Safety for Potter & Associates, and a Chemist for Chemist Medical Inc. Laurie has certifications as a Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP), Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), and Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). Her education includes a Teaching License Hibbing Technical College, Masters in Industrial Safety and Industrial Hygiene, BS in Biology, and BS in Chemistry.